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If you had the option to completely purify your home, office, vehicle, RV or Boat with an easy push of a button, would you do it? 

For 18 years we have provided eco-friendly healthy living technologies that address the keys to wellness with that simple push of a button to detox your home in a way that dramatically affects your personal health.

Our flagship equipment is air & water purification along with a laundry purification system (doing laundry with no detergents whatsoever).

Air is a non-negotiable to health. We have technology that not only eliminates allergens, dust, mold spores, viruses, and more from the air, but it also eradicates them on all surfaces as well!

We also offer water purification with the highest standards that are rated #1 by the NSF in the industry.

We offer best-in-class in the areas of Home Health which translates to your optimized physical health. As an extension to our Home Health systems, we bring 35 years of expertise in heating & air conditioning with systems that can be coordinated into the HVAC systems.

We are highly motivated to educate and coordinate solutions with you based on your concerns and needs.


We Offer Best in Class, Air and Water Purification Systems

Certified Space Technology

From the Space Station to your space, our ActivePure products utilize technology originally developed for space travel

Active Technology For Your Home

ActivePure products offer active technology to conveniently and effectively treat the air and surfaces in your home

NSF International Certification

This mark is your assurance that the product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today.


Lella O'Daniels
Lella O'Daniels
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"I can't say enough about this company and products. My family is so thankful to been introduced to these products. My son was born early and one of his lung never grew and he has a lot of pulmonary issues that causes him to have to wear a mask everywhere he goes even during school and he has Dr order no gym nor recess because he picks up infections so fast causing his airway to close up in seconds. He has had to wear a mask since he was born and he is 9 years old now and wants to be like other kids and not sheltered . so after hearing about the personal air I was excited to try this product and remove mask to see if he could use personal air and not need mask so his whole face can be seen. So we have had product for a month and we LOVE it he has not been sick and hasn't wore a mask since we have had it. He has been to 2 birthday parties and plays outside on recess with his friends which he has never been able to do. Even when the flu passed around the house I had him wear it all day in house he didn't catch it. I am so blessed to hear and use this Amazing product and can't wait to get everyone in the house one."